Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ladies that rock

I was looking through my music collection several months ago and I noticed a troubling trend. I had almost no female artists in my collection. I decided to do something about it and focus on trying to discover some good female artists in an attempt to rectify the disparity. Here some artists I found that I really dig now:
Sinead O'Conner- Okay, she is a little weird but I love her voice
Ani DiFranco- That girl can play some mean guitar and is a true independent spirit
Adele- so young and with such talent
Duffy- not the Amy winehouse clone some claim she is, i love the production on her album
PJ Harvey- dark, disturbing, and very cool
Rodrigo y Gabriela- I know one member is a guy but the true hero here is Gabriela
Ella Fitzgerald- old school but such a great voice
Nina Simone- She had me with her first note
Dido- so chill and a great songwriter
Shakira- her new English stuff is not that great, but her earlier Spanish stuf is awesome
The Pipettes- love the harmonies

Interesting that most of these are either singer-songwriter or jazz singers. I didn't find any metal or rock acts that were mostly female that I liked. Still looking....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Promises, New Me

I have made a couple of resolutions so far and the thing I find most interesting and even a little sad is that they are all repeats from last year. I always seem to have the same goals: play more guitar, start painting again, finish my novel, get back into running and yoga. It is also sad-interesting that these are all things I used to do, things I used to love doing and now are only memories. The question becomes: are these still things that I want in my life? or is the reason I no longer do them is because I have changed? If I have changed, then am I a better person? Or am I merely trying to recapture something I lost?

Okay, that was several questions but it really does boil down to why I stopped doing these things that I used to love. Something to think about.